Waltzing on Waves, Carlisle Evans Peck

Double Single Release Show!

Waltzing on Waves

Carlisle Evans Peck

Wed ยท October 3, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


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Waltzing on Waves
Waltzing on Waves
Generous, bittersweet, funny, and poignant, Waltzing On Waves cuts straight to the heart and dances you through depths and heights with her dynamic genre-bending iridescent vocals, rich haunting melodies, and heartfelt intelligent lyrics (often in three-quarter time, of course). With vocal stylings reminiscent of Julie Andrews, Edith Piaf, and Patsy Cline, the skill and experience to be her own player, whether it be at the piano, ukulele, or acoustic guitar - along with a Carol Burnett-like charisma & a "Bohemian Tim Burton-esque" air, Waltzing On Waves is truly a one-woman musical variety show, no matter the time signature.

Waltzing on Waves is the solo act of Twin Cities-based performing & recording artist, Jen Bluhm. Jen carries a special appreciation for the bittersweet places, the preciously awkward paces, & the borderline absurd spaces that music can identify & elevate in the hearts & minds of humans. She knows her voice well, accessing techniques and devices from many different styles of music from Opera to Folk. She is a veteran songwriter of 25 years, an Award-nominated film composer, & a gifted multi-instrumentalist.

As the wife and mother of Neurodivergent humans, & being Neurodivergent herself, a great passion of Jen's is Neurodiversity & Mental Health Advocacy. She celebrates & embraces daily the beauty & depth that Neurominorities contribute to the world, and one can see that shining through her work.
Carlisle Evans Peck
Carlisle Evans Peck
Carlisle Evans Peck strives for the heart of human connection through musical performance. Like an acoustic ballet, his diligence and pain become a thing of dainty and powerful beauty. His transformation of emotion into music pulls at the tears between us and our loved ones, between us and the bountiful earth that we walk, opening a wound that we are compelled to tend. He puts his rawness on display - on display in the sense of a dew-dropped flower tentatively unfurling in hopes of meeting the morning sun. And through this vulnerability he gathers us into the story with him. We leave with the feeling of having made something tremendous together, of having fallen in love. Or rather, we are left heartbroken with the rich memories of a life lived fully.
Venue Information:
The Warming House
4001 Bryant Ave South
Minneapolis, MN, 55409