Rough Draft Songwriter Night

$5-20 suggested donation

Rough Draft Songwriter Night

Tue · October 2, 2018

8:00 pm

Free (but $5-20 suggested donation)


Rough Draft Songwriter Night
Rough Draft Songwriter Night
Calling all songwriters -- tonight at The Warming House is for you!

The Rough Draft Songwriting Circle is an opportunity to workshop original songs with a supportive group of songwriters. Bring a song (finished or in progress) that you’re willing to receive feedback on. Each week each attendee will perform one song for the group, and the group will provide feedback on lyrics, melody, structure, chords, overall feel, tone, and anything else the songwriter would like feedback on. From time to time we will also provide an opportunity for participating in songwriting exercises, prompts and co-writing sessions.

Rough Draft is a way to workshop songs with others, build community, create, and to give yourself some accountability to keep up with songwriting in a positive and supportive setting. All genres and styles are welcome. Bringing copies of your lyrics to hand out is helpful if you are looking for feedback on lyrics or structure.

The Rough Draft Songwriting Circle will typically include a mix of veteran singer-songwriters with lots of performance experience, brand new artists who may be nervously performing publicly for the first time, and a range of folks in between. The group is low-key, low-stakes, affirming and constructive.

Whether you’re a beginner at writing songs or you’ve been doing it for years, if you'd like to improve your songs while building community, Rough Draft is for you! Join us!

The Rough Draft Songwriting Circle is hosted by Minneapolis singer/songwriter John Louis (
Venue Information:
The Warming House
4001 Bryant Ave South
Minneapolis, MN, 55409