Leslie Rich

Leslie Rich

Fri · January 26, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


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Leslie Rich
Leslie Rich

I grew up in Belfast in the 70's, when it was the norm to have soldiers patrolling the streets and to be searched by a heavily armed police force just to go shopping downtown. In 1989, I started to put my teenage frustrations and beliefs to music and after scarring mum's guitar for a few months, I finally got one of my own and started performing. Apparently I'm still at it, although the things I write about now are a little more grown up. I've been very lucky to have performed with almost all of my musical idols and to have released a bunch of music on my own and with some great bands like The Rocket Soul Choir, A Little Of The Ready and Hounds Of Finn. I moved to Minnesota in 2004 and consider it my home. I have a new record coming out in the fall with the Rocket Soul Choir called Kidder's Son on Loud Folk Records which contains some of the most enjoyable and exciting music I've ever played.
Venue Information:
The Warming House
4001 Bryant Ave South
Minneapolis, MN, 55409