Leslie Rich Records "Idlerich" in-the-round LIVE

Leslie Rich

All Ages
Leslie Rich at The Warming House 7/13/19

Leslie Rich


We're going to record this one! This will be a solo acoustic performance that will be recorded for a future release.

In 2004 The Rocket Soul Choir began recording their third album, Idlerich. This was going to be the first "electric" album from us, as we were always acoustic driven before. The line-up was excellent (Gary Morrison on drums, Paul Woods on guitar and Johnny Mitchell on bass) and the songs were quite a departure from the previous folk-leaning albums. The album was never released due to Leslie emigrating. The 10 songs covered unrequited love, murder, quitting your job, broken friendships, learning to hold your tongue, finding fame, and finding patience. At this show, they'll be dusted off and with no less vehemence than they were originally recorded, Leslie will record them again. Live. Toe-to-toe with you!

Venue Information:
The Warming House
4001 Bryant Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN, 55409