Daniel Volovets

Daniel Volovets

All Ages
Daniel Volovets at The Warming House 6/27/19

Danial Volovets


Daniel Volovets is a guitarist, composer, arranger, and instructor specializing in classical, flamenco, Latin American, and jazz music. Although born in the United States, his music is informed first and foremost by his Russian heritage. He was raised in a household of almost constantly reverberating musical notes -- passionate and melancholy melodies of Russian and Ukrainian folklore, gently swaying Brazilian rhythms, and fiery strumming of flamenco masters, just to name a few. Daniel's mastery of many musical genres and aesthetics is evident in the breadth of his extensive repertoire, which spans numerous countries and eras. He is an accomplished arranger and composer, utilizing the harmonic and tonal possibilities of the guitar in his arrangements and compositions for both solo guitar and various ensembles. Daniel is a prolific performer, giving concerts regularly throughout the Twin Cities at a wide range of venues. Daniel graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a B.S. in Neuroscience and will graduate with an M.D. from the University of Minnesota Medical School in May 2019, ultimately planning to balance the careers of a psychiatrist and guitarist. For this intimate performance, Daniel will perform selections from his new album “Masquerade” as well as favorites from his repertoire.

Venue Information:
The Warming House
4001 Bryant Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN, 55409