How can I get a gig at The Warming House?

When you contact us please include a link to your website, a link to a video of you live, dates that you would like us to consider, an estimate of your draw in Minneapolis or your past performance history in town. We are a 40 capacity room. If you don’t think you’ll fill the room with fans and friends, please propose a double bill that will enhance the turnout for the show. We are NOT a cafe or bar so we don’t have a built in audience.

  • The Warming House might not be the best fit for you if you don’t have friends, family, or fans in the area. Our room has little built in audience and sometimes takes special effort to get people here. Think small black-box theater.
  • We ask that artists do not book another show in the Twin Cities area two weeks before and after your date at The Warming House.
  • Please work in tandem with The Warming House to book any openers, double-bills, or showcases.
  • Our space is rentable for public and private events
  • Our room is small and big bands with full drum sets are encouraged to look elsewhere to book a show.
  • Contact us by email (NOT Facebook messenger):

  • SUNDAYS: closed
  • MONDAYS: closed
  • TUESDAYS: Songwriting/Music Business Workshops (no performances)
  • WEDNESDAYS: Local/National Talent
  • THURSDAYS: Local/National Talent or Open Mic
  • FRIDAY & SATURDAY Evenings: Local/National Talent
  • SATURDAY mornings: Jam Circles

If I get a gig at The Warming House, what do I need to do next?

We believe that it takes a combination of venue AND artist support to make every event successful! One of our main goals for every performance is to generate an appropriate audience for the show. In order for us to meet that goal, it is very important that you as a performer help us find your appropriate audience. Remember – we are NOT a cafe or bar so we don’t have a built in audience.

  • Please send us 5 posters to our address  (The Warming House, 4001 Bryant Av. S., Minneapolis, MN 55409)
  • We will create a Facebook event and you will be listed as the host. Please RSVP and invite people.
  • Please send us the image you would like us to use for our calendar listing along with all social media and west links.
  • Please send us any social media links that would be helpful to our in-house promoters.
  • Update your website calendar. Make sure that you post the correct information about your show(s). Make sure to write your showtime down correctly, as the start times of our shows do vary.  Also, make sure that you include the correct contact information for The Warming House.
  • Schedule radio interviews on The Current, KFAI, and other area radio stations on the day of your performance or during the week prior to the performance.
  • Contact local newspapers such as City Pages, Southwest Journal.
  • Remember, there is no one way to reach the public. The Warming House will do its best to promote each and every show, but we need your help. The most successful shows are marketed via a combination of these approaches.
  • Send out postcards, flyers, and emails to your friends, family, and mailing list. Send out your own press release to specific media contacts with whom you have a direct relationship. Be sure to make extensive use of all social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). Link up with our pages, as well! Make sure to add bloggers to your contacts for press releases; in today’s world, the blogosphere is just as effective as print media at getting the word out.

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