About Us

The Warming House was established in May of 2016 as a true listening room in the heart of South Minneapolis. We fancy ourselves as a tiny Cedar Cultural Center (for a good Minneapolis reference). Music fans can expect to hear every note and every lyric of the performance. Musicians can expect to be heard! This venue is a much needed contrast to noisy bars and coffeeshops.

We operate as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a two part mission:

  • •  Support all musicians from the instrument learner to the nationally touring artists. We do this by offering half of our programming as community events that are open to the public for free or by donation. Also…
  • •  Professional musicians deserved to get paid! We accomplish this part of our mission by offering every musician who plays a ticketed show a generous cut of the ticket sales. Most of the money that you pay to see the show goes right to the artist!

Being a new non-profit organization means that we depend upon donations, sponsors, and members. We also LOVE volunteers and interns. We would love YOUR support!



Brianna Lane

Executive Director

Director of Communications
Board Member



Greg Neis

Board Member





John Louis

Director of Operations
Board Member



Victoria Malawey – Board Member

Siri Undlin – Board Member

Sean Barnard – Board Member


The Warming House was established for the purpose of developing and promoting the appreciation of folk, singer-songwriter, Americana, and similar music as an art form through education, performance, exhibition and related activities. Its mission is to foster these musical arts by inspiring and engaging it’s multiple participants and audiences to listen to, create, perform and enjoy compelling musical performances and creations. The Warming House creates access for musicians and others of all levels and backgrounds, educates and enriches the public’s connection with musical arts experiences and contributes to the cultural vitality of the community. The Warming House staff teaches, mentors and provides outreach, educational programs and broad community access to The Warming House’s performance space.